Time Saving While Cleaning Was Never Easier

home cleaningCleaning an entire home or apartment in just two days or doing simple cleaning activities every day requires time, energy and effort.

People tend to get lost in the cleaning process, forgetting about everything else, while they can be simply more efficient while cleaning.

The trick is to know exactly what to do. We are going to simply give you some time and effort saving tips on how to clean properly, but having the best results at the same time.

Change the way you use cleaning products

home cleaning tipsThis is one of the most important parts of every cleaning procedure. We’re not talking about changing the products themselves – you probably already have preferences and you have the products you want, so we want to give you the advise to use them wisely.

If it’s written to use a small amount of the product, then do it accordingly. Using much doesn’t help you clean better, you simply run out of the product faster. This rules applies for all types of cleaning products.

The other thing you need to know, when it comes to cleaning with products is to give them time to start acting on the spots. Spraying cleaner and immediately start wiping is not the way you are supposed to clean. First, spray the product directly on the dirty surface, and then leave it for at least half an hour. The time will give the product the chance to attack dirt and grime, so your wiping will not be scrubbing and it will be far more efficient.

Have a schedule

Most cleaning routines, when done separately, don’t require that much time. The trick is to be organised and have an idea from where to begin. Create a schedule of daily cleaning routines and spend not more than half hour doing them every day. For example, you can dust on Mondays and vacuum on Tuesdays, mop floors on Wednesday and change sheets on Thursday.

If you follow this advice it will take you a lot less time to clean everything properly and you will soon notice the difference. You can use a timer, if you need, so you can be sure you spend exactly the amount of time you want in cleaning.

Declutter all surfaces

Piled magazines and mail, scattered clothes all over the floor and folders over the desk are making your cleaning job harder than you realise. Make sure to collect items which don’t belong where they currently are. Doing it every day is not difficult and it requires a few minutes. The very positive side of this will be less time for cleaning, because you will start with it right away, without having to declutter beforehand.

From top to the bottom – Always

Always start cleaning from the top – the highest parts of the property, and work your way down to the floors – the lowest parts. Vacuuming then dusting the shelves and furniture is definitely not how you’re supposed to be cleaning. This way, after you vacuum the carpet it will be covered in dust and ready to be cleaned again. Avoid doing the same task twice by doing the others wisely and not having to deal with the same thing again.

Minimize distractions

Make sure there is nothing that can distract you, because it will only hinder the cleaning process. Phones are definitely a distractions and should be put away while cleaning. Reading magazines while pretending to be cleaning the coffee table, is definitely not cleaning. Chatting with someone can also make you slower or less efficient.

Clean on the go

Wiping kitchen surfaces while cooking, giving a wash to the sink every time you wash the dishes, cleaning parts of the shower while you’re in there and similar activities are very time-saving when it comes time to clean thoroughly a whole room. Separately and regularly done, simple cleaning activities will ease your whole cleaning process.

Organise your cleaning equipment

Keeping bathroom cleaners in the bathroom and kitchen ones respectively will save you some time. Instead of going from the one part of your home to another in search of the proper cleaning products and tools, keeping them in the respective room will be better when you need to use them. Also, if you live in more than one floor, keep the same product on both floors to make sure they are easily accessible when needed.

Have wipes everywhere

Keep a box of dry tissues and wet wipes in every room. An accident might always happen and you should have basic cleaning tools somewhere handy.

Cleaning routines for the whole family

Of course, you will spend countless hours in cleaning, if nobody helps you out. Engaging every family member in the cleaning routines is far easier and time-saving, than doing everything on your own. Teach your kids simple cleaning tasks when they are still little, for example – making their bed, picking up toys, throwing dirty clothes in the laundry baskets, etc., and you will definitely not spend many hours in cleaning.

If you want to go the extra mile, here are some tips on how to save money, while saving time, when cleaning:

  • Use homemade cleaning solutions. They are much less expensive than the ones on the market, plus your homemade cleaner will probably not be filled with chemicals. Another benefit is that if you forgot to buy a windows cleaner, you can easily make one at home, with some vinegar and water, so you will not procrastinate the window cleaning. Simple things work like charms when it comes to cleaning.
  • Use rubber gloves when cleaning. This will save you the expenses on drugs, if your skin reacts on any of your cleaning activities and products. Be wiser and more healthy with gloves!
  • Use an old sock for dusting. Instead of purchasing specialised dusting cloths, just put a sock on your hand, like you would put a glove, and dust the surfaces with it. It is faster to do it this way, because socks on your fingers allow you to sense better the whole procedure and do it more efficiently.
  • Instead of purchasing expensive furniture cleaners, simply use vodka. Spray some on the furniture’s surfaces and leave it this way. Vodka is known for the content of spirit and its antibacterial powers, plus it evaporates quickly. Vodka will help you kill germs and bacteria and will quickly refresh your furniture.