Terms and Conditions

When you book our services over the phone, we estimate the cost considering a standard room size. The Company reserves the right the make changes in this term after inspecting the property or in case the requirements of the Client change.

Guaranteed Service
Our end of tenancy cleaning services include a guarantee in case the Client has a complaint. Within 48 hours after our experts have completed the cleaning, the Client can contact us and claim a re-visit. We will then send our cleaners to inspect the areas that are considered unsatisfactory and take care of imperfection, if there are any. After this guarantee expires, the Company does not accept any complaints.

Payment has to be maid when the cleaner/team has completed their tasks and before they leave the property, unless there is another agreement made in advance between the Company and the Client. Payment is cash, unless otherwise agreed. The Client can also pay by bank transfer if the Company has agreed in advance. In case the payment will be sent by bank, this has to be done no later than a day before the visit. We reserve the right to cancel an appointment in case we haven’t received the payment within this time.

Appointment Cancellation

If the Client is willing to cancel an appointment, this has to be done no later than a day before the visit. In that case, there will be no cancellation fee.
The company has the right to cancel an appointment if the property is considered risky for the health of the employees or in case the cleaner/team that is assigned for a certain visit is faced with unexpected obstacles.


Once the cleaning is completed, no refunds can be claimed. In case the Client wants to make a complaint, it has to be in a written form and sent no later than 24 hours after the visit. If a complaint is received, the Company carries out a thorough investigation, making sure the problem is solved.
Access to the property within this period is required. We are not responsible for any complaints if a third party has been involved in the cleaning of the property before our employees have returned.

Our professional cleaners are always careful not to break something. However, accidents are not impossible. Therefore, we require that the Client stores away any irreplaceable objects of either emotional or material importance in order to avoid damages.
If a complaint is received, the Company requires access to the property within 24 hours after the issue has been brought up. We take no responsibility for any damages that have been present before our cleaners have even been to the property at first. We also do not take the responsibility for tough stains or burns that cannot be removed perfectly, using our standard methods and detergents.

Our experts do their best to always provide properties with excellent cleanness and great results. However, in case of very damaged areas, we can not guarantee perfect results.

The Client is required to defrost their fridge before our cleaners arrive to carry out fridge cleaning services. The exact time we assign for the service is not enough for both defrosting and cleaning a refrigerator.
Our gardening service do not include collecting of waste.
We require that all furniture is moved out before we carry our end of tenancy cleaning services. Otherwise, we can not guarantee excellent results.

Access to running water and electricity is required at the time of the appointment. In case there is no electricity or running water, our cleaners can not proceed with the cleaning process and the Client will be charged a fee of £60.
Access to the property is required at the time of the visit. Our cleaners have to be able to lock and unlock doors without any extra effort. In case access is not provided, the Client will be charged a fee of £60.

Regular Cleaning

When using regular cleaning services, the Client has to pay cash to the cleaner each time cleaning has been completed.
In case a meeting with a cleaner is claimed, the Client has to pay £10 for travel expenses.
The Client has to provide our cleaners with the necessary equipment and cleaning products.
Regular cleaning services can not be rescheduled. They are carried our at the same time every visit.
To cancel an appointment, the Client has to contact the Company within 24 hours before the appointment. Otherwise, we reserve the right to charge a fee which equals the amount of the service.
Weekly-based regular services take two hours and fortnightly-based regular serves take three hours.

Minimum Charges
There are minimum charges that apply for some of our services:
Carpet and Upholstery Services – a minimum of 48 GBP
One Off Services – a minimum of 3 hours for cleaning and 36 GBP
Gardening – a minimum of 50 GBP

Charged above the minimum services can use our discounts.
The Company is not responsible for cancelling an appointment due to unexpected circumstances and factors that do not depend on the Company.
Refunds cannot be claimed once the services have been carried out.