The Information We Collect
Information that you share when registering on our website includes your e-mail address, names and phone number. You don’t necessarily have to register in order to make a purchase. You can also enter our website as an anonymous user.

Personal Details Protection

We make sure we provide our visitors with absolute confidentiality and protect their personal details. We use a number of proven methods in order to guarantee safety when placing orders on our website. All data that our users enter on the website is fully protected from access by unauthorised visitors.

Do We Use Cookies And Why
Cookies can be referred to as Internet identification cards. They are messages that contain personal details, sent from web servers to web browsers. If allowed by the user, cookies save information and use it the next time details are required. Visitors who agree their details to be saved don’t have to enter their personal information every time they visit the website. We use cookies because they help us make the interaction between visitors and our website easier and faster.

What Do We Do With The Personal Details You Enter
To make sure your personal details are fully protected and safe from unauthorised use, we do not display or reveal any data you share on our website. However, information can be shared with a trustworthy third party that is directly involved in the operating process of our website. Any third party that has access to your information has to firstly agree to our privacy terms.

Protection Of Data On The Internet

Information that we protect refers to persona details that our visitors share with us on the Internet. This does not apply to data shared offline.

User Agreement
When using our website to make a purchase, you agree to our privacy terms and you state that you are aware of all of our rules.

Possible Changes To The Privacy Terms
Changes to our privacy terms are possible. In case a change is made, a message will be announced on our website.