Clean and Organised Home Interior

clean homeOrganisation is the key to have a perfectly cleaned and well-looking home surfaces! Cleaning cannot be properly done if you are not organised on the first place.

You cannot start wiping the windows and then run in the bathroom to clean the taps, but leave it half-done, because you were interrupted by an unexpected pet surprise on the carpet in the living room.

Clean with your mind, not with your hands only

clean and organised homeOf course, your pet might surprise you anytime, but throughout the other time meant for cleaning, you should first have a basic idea of how the procedures must be done and which follows after the previous one.

To be even more clear about this statement, we will give you the hint, which you probably should know already, that you should always vacuum at the end of cleaning each room. Dust from the shelves, dirty particles and everything that ends up on the floor while cleaning the higher parts, must be cleaned last, otherwise, you are just wasting your time.

Here are some basic tips, on how to regularly and properly clean any room, which might be useful for you to follow:

  • Always. Start. From. The. Top – clean the ceilings, lamps, high wall-ceiling corners and work your way downwards;
  • Clean walls, picture frames, mirrors, furniture;
  • Change sheets (if you haven’t done it in the past week);
  • Clean fridge trays and levels;
  • Clean closets, drawers, cupboards, nightstands;
  • Throw away garbage and deodorise the garbage can with lemon;
  • Wipe windows, using the zig-zag method to avoid the appearance of strikes;
  • Never forget to clean doors, skirting boards, window ledges, frames, etc.;
  • At the end of the cleaning procedures in every room mop floors/vacuum carpets (if mopping floors, first make sure you collect the excessive dirt and particles, because you don’t want to spread them all over and make the procedure harder and less efficient).

How to organise items in different types of furniture

Organising your closet is not at all as hard as you imagine it. If you follow these simple steps (which are also suitable for organising cupboards, kitchen shelves, drawers and other similar types of furniture):

  • First take out/place elsewhere the items in/on the particular piece of furniture. Make sure everything is put away and the cleaning may begin.
  • Next, wipe the surfaces with dry cloth, to remove the excessive amount of dust.
  • After that, go through the surfaces again, but this time with a wet cloth (with some cleaning product on it), to make sure they are thoroughly cleaned.
  • Never forget to clean the reverse side of shelves, under the cabinets, drawers, etc., over and behind them, too – basically every outside part of them.
  • Before putting the items where they belong, create an image of how you want them to be placed. Put T-shirs together, separated from jeans; plates away from glasses and cups; books separated from magazines and so on.

Cleaning quicker and more pleasant

Cleaning can be done much more faster and with more pleasure if you do it according to our few tricks and tips:

  • Save time by putting your phone away. Phones can be great distractions, not only when cleaning, but in other situations as well. Make sure yours is not in your hands or pockets, while cleaning, and you will notice how much faster you deal with the procedures.
  • Play some music while cleaning, to make the process more pleasant. Music helps you forget about time and therefore the activities you do at the same time, will be done with a better feeling and with some great dancing moves.
  • Create a schedule for all of the cleaning activities. It may take some time to put every activity in the respective graph and day, but it will be much easier to do it after you know which days are for dusting, vacuuming, dealing with laundry, etc.
  • If time pressures you, set a timer. Vacuuming in one room, for example, requires not more than 10-15 minutes, if you want to do it properly (depending on the size of the room). Set a timer of let’s say 13 minutes, and if you have success and don’t do overtime, then you are good to go. Every cleaning activity will be easier when you have a plan in your head and you follow it strictly.
  • Motivate your siblings/kids/partners to do the cleaning chores with you. The more hands involved in the cleaning tasks, the less time they require and the better results you will have. Also, rotate the activities between the family members, to make sure everybody knows how to do everything, and is not tired of the same activity over and over again.
  • Be smart when choosing your cleaning tools and products. Instead of purchasing expensive ones, substitute scrubbing tools with toothbrushes (for better results when cleaning harder parts and narrow spaces); choose old cotton cloths, instead of polyester cloths; trust on eco-friendly cleaning products, or homemade ones, instead of those chemicals-based, offered on the market.

As we already found out, cleaning must be done not only regularly, but attentively and in an organised manner. We are sure our helpful tips will definitely make a change in your cleaning habits. To be even more useful, we want to give you some ideas to implement in your home interior, which will make it look better, more appealing and cozy, not only to you, but to your guests as well.

If you want to impress:

  • Have flowers (preferably where it’s possible) in your rooms. Beautiful and aromatic bouquets are a great complement to every room, even more, if chosen in the interior shade. Not only live flowers, you can put some beautiful artificial flowers and fruits as well. Potted plants are also an innovative and very good-looking idea.
  • Freshen your closet by putting air fresheners in there. They are not made to refresh the air in your room only, but can be used to add a nice scent to your clothes.
  • Candles, candles, candles! These interior items are offered on the market in various shapes, sizes, colours and with even more aromas. They are not only a beautiful complement to the interior of the rooms, but also a good way to fill the air with your favourite fragrances. White vanilla scented candles; purple lilac ones, ocean aromas – basically, whatever you like to sense, you can find it in the shape of a candle!
  • You know how when you enter a room, you immediately notice if there is clutter. Make sure your home surfaces are not cluttered (when an unexpected visitor arrives) and spend no more than 10 minutes every evening (or morning) to place the things, which shouldn’t be where they are, in their rightful places.