About us

Deluxe Cleaners is cleaning agency based in London. We provide domestic and commercial cleaning services and we are well-known and respected throughout London for the utmost quality of our carpet and end of tenancy cleaning services.

If you feel helpless when the time comes for the dreaded cleaning tasks, then you definitely need our professional help. If the busy work schedule does not allow you to manage all your household chores by yourself – do not lose heart. Because now you can rely on a professional cleaning company that will tackle each household chore in your property and pay special attention to every detail as well. We will treat your property with respect as if it were our own.

We know that it is extremely difficult to trust a stranger to perform all cleaning duties in your home and that is why our team is complied exclusively on professional cleaning technicians with previous experience in the field of professional cleaning. Not only this, but we also provide our experts with special training programs where they learn how to conform to our standards. In addition, all members of our team have underwent a thorough interview prior to being employed and we have had the backgrounds of all our technicians checked as well. Our cleaning technicians will bring the industry’s standards to your front door. Choose Deluxe Cleaners for a tackle-free job!

You can rely on Deluxe Cleaners for the following professional cleaning services:

  • Upholstery cleaning which is performed with special steam machines and high-class cleaning products/ We guarantee that the final result will amaze you. The machines that are used are the latest on the market and the cleaners are specially trained to use them in the most effective way. Deluxe Cleaners’ experts know how to appropriately clean upholstery made of fabric. We guarantee 99.9 per cent bacteria elimination and 100 percent stain removal from your upholstered furniture.

  • Deluxe Cleaners also specialise in professional carpet cleaning as well. With Deluxe Cleaners you can have a completely rejuvenated carpet for an affordable price. Our carpet cleaning experts use a deep steam cleaning method to ensure total sanitation of your carpet with minimum efforts. All cleaning products used by Deluxe Cleaners have been detmatologically tested and are environmentally friendly.

  • Domestic cleaning includes a variety of cleaning chores which can be performed in every room within the residential area. When it comes to domestic cleaning, clients’ satisfaction is our priority and, depending on your specific needs and demands, we are able to perform various cleaning tasks to guarantee that all of your demands have been satisfied. Apart from dusting, vacuuming, and general household cleaning, we are also able to perform specific cleaning tasks like pre/party cleanings and even after builders cleaning.

  • Flat cleaning is another professional cleaning service of which you can take advantage if you choose us at Deluxe Cleaners. Our competent technicians are able to deliver a quick and comprehensive cleaning of your apartment. With us, perfect results are guaranteed – we will make your flat shine with cleanliness in the blink of an eye.

  • Oven cleaning is another service which can be booked either combined with other cleaning services or as an independent cleaning service. Especially if use your oven on a regular basis, you should have it professionally cleaned every three to six months in order to keep it in a perfect condition. As you probably know, regular maintenance is important of your appliances is essential if you want to increase their durability.

At Deluxe Cleaners we do not want just the inside of your residential/work area to look in its utmost condition. Rather, we have trained our professionals to also tackle the outside of your property, too. You guessed right, you can even rely on us for gardening services as well. You can book us to perform a series of gardening services. Our professionals can do everything from rake the leaves in your garden to design your garden from scratch! Choose us today.

Deluxe Cleaners understands what burdens may landlords and tenants face when tenancy agreements are about to expire. Realising that the most common issues usually stem from improperly cleaned rental properties, we at Deluxe Cleaners have designed a professional end of tenancy cleaning service to meet the requirements of the landlord and to please the tenant as well. We guarantee amazing results. Choose us and you will not have to worry when your tenancy agreement is about to expire.

Do not hesitate to contact our customer support team either via phone or e-mail at your convenience and you will receive a more detailed information on our cleaning services. If you want to enjoy your spotless property, contact us and book our professional cleaning services. Knowing how busy your schedules are, we will conform to your specific wishes and demands and we will come to assist you at your convenience. The company works with customers throughout the week and also on bank holidays as well.

Deluxe Cleaners is not the cheapest cleaning company in London but it has outstanding performance-price ratios. At Deluxe Cleaners we pay utmost attention to our cleaning equipment and the company invests greatly to obtain the best cleaning machines available on the market. We highly praise ourselves for our cleaning products which are made with minimum amounts of chemicals and do not pose a thread to your health. If you believe that top-notch cleanings are essential for the good appearance of your home and for your sound health, do not think twice but instead contact us and book us today. Our experience and motivation will help you sort out all cleaning tasks within the residential or work area. We deeply respect our clients’ preferences and we aim to please them at all costs. Only with Deluxe Cleaners you will see the difference. The professionalism of our team and their friendly approach will make you book our services again.