Moving Out Cleaning London

Moving Out CleanerMoving out cleaning as always considered to be an important but time – consuming and challenging task. However, there is no other way to get a full refund of your deposit and keep the good relations with your landlord apart from performing an excellent moving out cleaning and leave the property as clean as in the day you moved in. Every dirty spot or stain should be taken an utmost care of and all too often the tenants find themselves incapable of doing everything on their own.

Moving Out Cleaning Prices
Studio Flat £94  £79
One Bedroom Property £133 £113
Two Bedroom Property £154 £145

Moving Out Cleaning Includes:

  • 100% Deposit Refund Guarantee
  • Tools and detergents included
  • Flexible appointing hours
  • Affordable prices


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That was the easiest move out I’ve ever done. Excellent work, Deluxe Cleaners!

Really fast and reliable moving out thanks to you!

My flat got perfectly cleaned and ready for now tenants in just 4 hours!

Thanks for handling all the mess and saving my deposit!

Q: How could you guarantee 100% deposit refund?

A: We do guarantee a 100% deposit refund to all of our Clients! We offer a guaranteed service which will ensure your availability to receive the full amount of your deposit!

Q: What cleaning tasks are included in the service?

A: If we should describe the cleaning tasks included in the service we will simply define it as a top to bottom clean with no exceptions. Your property will be deeply and property clean as well as all the subjects and appliances part of it!

Q: Do I have to be at the house while you are applying the service?

A: Its not necessary you to be there during the service. This is considered as your own preference.

Q: What happens if I have problems with my landlord related to the cleanliness of the property?

A: Our service is guaranteed and this allows to fit the needs and expectations of your landlord / agent if they have any comments related to the standard of the cleaning.

Meet Our Cleaners

If you are among those who want to ensure the ideal cleanliness of your former place of residence but, for one reason or another, are unable and unwilling to do it, the best alternative is choosing a reputable and trustworthy cleaning company that offers and amazing moving out cleaning package. The quality of the service is outstanding and along with the great overall performance you also get:

  • Top quality cleaning materials
  • Friendly customer service
  • A team of the best cleaning operatives sent to your property
  • Affordable prices
  • A guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with the cleaning procedure

Move Out CleaningRest assured that our employees are the most skilful and experienced in the vicinity. Their dedication to the job and the determination to provide a top – quality moving out procedure have a great impact on the final results. Our cleaning technicians are kept informed about the details and breakthroughs concerning the cleaning industry so they are absolutely prepared to treat every stubborn stain and dirt in a proper and patient manner. Needless to say the latest cleaning detergents and powerful equipment will be used.

We have always been trying to establish a long lasting relations with our customers and that’s the reason why we make every client feels personally valued and glad that they have made the right decision to entrust us. You might be delighted to know that the moving out cleaning procedure is a guaranteed service. Although our cleaning experts will do their best to deliver an outstanding cleaning service, in some rare cases either the landlord or the tenant is not content with the final results. There is no point in worrying. You will get your money’s worth.

Areas We Cover:

Let us know that you are unhappy with the moving out cleaning performance and our team of cleaning technicians will come back and re – clean the problematic areas. You won’t be charged extra for that. We have always been a customer – oriented company. All the efforts we make are aimed at providing you with incredible moving out cleaning service whenever you need it. In other words, both – our call centre supporters and cleaning operatives are available every day, regardless of weekends and holidays, for your convenience. Don’t hesitate to contact us and inquire a moving out cleaning service at amazing price as well as any additional information you may need. We will be happy to give you a hand with the cleaning and exceed your expectations.